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Secrets of Getting that Next Job (clue – it’s not on your CV)

3rd March 2020 Sarah Jones

‘How did he get that job?’

Have you ever been in that position where you ask yourself why and how someone got a promotion, or a role you wanted. Well, as I’ve worked through with many of my clients, it’s not always about how hard you work, but those so-called ‘soft skills’ that can line you up for your ideal next role.

What are soft skills? These tend to be a combination of communication, people, style, behaviours, personality traits, teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving – rather than specific hard, or technical skills, such as marketing, SEO or programming.

And these soft skills are critical to a role in sales and marketing as whilst systems and tools are important – people buy from people, from those that they know like and trust.

The list of soft skills can be endless but there’s a key question to bear in mind: when I step into this role, or think about myself in this role, what problems or decisions am I being paid to make? What additional responsibilities am I taking on board in this role?

Because very often how you communicate, approach and solve problems – is what you get recognised for, as you move up or even along the ladder. Perhaps your technical skills got you the position, but often if you are moving further up or along your career path – there is added responsibility (eg scope, clients, accounts, people, geographies, budget, remit).

Now soft skills can be hard to teach which is often why employers want to take on people who are self-aware and have a range of soft skills to be able to get along with others, whilst making their points heard.

At the hub of soft skills are communications. I’ve coached many an accomplished executive on the path to leadership – good at what they do – but are unable to make a strong personal impact as they cannot make a point clearly and succinctly. This is what I have seen to be a top trait in organisations – be heard, understood and listened to. But it’s also important to be a good listener, this is another key skill my business coaching clients look for. Influence, persuasion and negotiation are also key skills – cutting across both internal and external audiences – what influence can you have on other people. And these are key attributes for any professional sales and marketeer.

And I hate to tell you this, at some point, if not already, you will be presenting and speaking in public (internal publics or even external audiences). Therefore learning key skills about body language, storytelling, posture, personal brand is key. Again, how to create an impact with your presentations and clients.

This is the tip of the iceberg and sometimes that person who got the job you wanted – has worked on these key areas.

So try a skills audit. Make a list of all your skills – personal, technical, everything. Don’t censor yourself, go for it! And then look at the role you want – what soft skills do you think you need? Make a list of those. Where is the gap? What feedback have you had before, and what have you done about it? That gives you a picture of where you are now, and where you want to get to.

For more information on Sarah’s executive, career or team development contact here at and get a copy of a free skills audit and visit for more information on my services.

YY People is delighted to partner with Sarah Jones – coach, trainer and speaker. She inspires us to keep improving our careers and provides great insight into finding your next step. Stay tuned for more great guidance.

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