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The Future of Recruitment
Recruitment as a Service (RaaS)

YY People specialises in international search and recruitment, helping tech companies who are scaling across Europe and the world.


YY People provide hiring-on-demand services that can be provided on a flexible daily, monthly or yearly subscription to suit your company’s recruitment needs.

Cost Effective

We typically save our Clients 50%+ on their recruitment costs and RaaS helps with your cash flow management.

Quality of Service

Your dedicated Account Team will consist of experienced recruiters, resourcers and employer branding specialists who care about your business.

How does
RaaS work?

A Step-By-Step Guide
Step One

Planning Workshop

Discover recruitment needs, define candidate requirements and establish timelines.

Step Two

Search Strategy

Tap into a global network of passive and active talent utilising multiple search techniques and platforms, capturing data and presenting as a candidate longlist.

Step Three

Approach Phase & MPC

Contact and engage with talent to fine tune relevant competencies for the job. The "most placeable candidates" make it to a shortlist, all data is presented in regular reports and subsequently owned by you.

Step Four

Candidate & Client Engagement

This involves scheduling candidate interviews, managing feedback and keeping the candidate engaged with your brand.

Step Five


Positioning the offer, negotiation and support on joining.

Why RaaS?

RaaS is the perfect blended solution of expertise from YY People, while still maintaining tight alignment with your internal team. If you are familiar with SaaS, then this is the recruitment version, flexible, scalable and cost effective on demand search and placement.

Traditional Contingency

Transactional only
Short term focus (get the first available candidate)
The wrong hire is costly to your business
Limited to no employer branding
Avg search duration 20-25 days to find a candidate
Avg international comission can range from 15 - 30% per hire
Avg cost of 5 hires at 50k P.A (25% comission) = £62,500


We are invested in your business
Strategic long-term partnership
Our recruiters screen every candidate to ensure they fit your company culture
We build & consult on employer branding for you
Avg search duration 5 - 10 days, we’re faster at finding the right people
Only an 8 % comission per succesful hire
Avg Cost of 5 hires at 50k P.A with RaaS = £23,000! *


  • £
  • $


£500 p/d
€550 p/d
$650 p/d

Suitable for companies looking for a search list, market intelligence, candidate pool with adhoc hiring needs.

Helps to manage your cash flow and flexible for your budget.

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£3000 p/m*
€3300 p/m*
$4000 p/m*

+ 6% Per Hire

Ideal for companies experiencing fast international growth, with multiple hires per month.

Peace of mind forecast your costs accurately and ROI within your first month of RaaS.

*Price based on a 12-month commitment

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£3500 p/m
€4000 p/m
$4500 p/m

+ 8% Per Hire

Ideal for companies experiencing fast international growth, hiring in phases each year.

Switch on RaaS as your business needs the help.

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What Makes
YY People Different?

YY People partner with you to understand the pulse of your business and what talent is needed to take it to the next level. We take your requirements, deep dive into the market and proactively source quality candidates.

Talent Pipelining

No existing hiring need but want to be prepared for the BOOM! This will deliver you engaged top talent interested in your brand and reduce time-to-hire.

Talent Intelligence

Is there a role in mind you need to fill but not quite sure what the market has? We can source for passive quality talent who are ready to move for the right opportunity.

Talent Acquisition

The long term HR strategy for a company to find specialists, leaders, or future executives. It’s important to project three to six months ahead of when you need to fill leadership and specialist positions.

Our Solutions


Unemployment rates, digital transformation, economic activity, political and social changes and changing workplace cultures all affect the talent landscape. We speak with people at a grassroots level to give you real-time, authentic insights that help business critical decision making. Here are some of the areas where we can work with you and create growth for You and Your people.

Diversity Mapping

Does the team need an injection of fresh perspectives and new insights? Is a gender, age group, race, or disability underrepresented? We work with the best, and you already know diversity contributes to a healthy, happy business. We can steer our sourcing focus to it.

Brand Perception

Interested in how an outsider views your product, services, company culture or workplace? We’ll explore at grassroots level to find out.


We can set dedicated time aside to assess organisational structure, reporting lines, leadership levels and present in chart form.

Emerging Trends

Any there any new innovations, buzzwords or skillsets that people in similar roles are equipped with that you don’t know about? We’ll get to the bottom of it.

Compensation & Benefits/Motivations

Is the package you’re offering competitive, or what is it that will make your ideal candidate get out of bed in the morning and work for you? YY People are on it!

Why YY People?

YY People is part of the YY Group, a fast-growing Belfast based business specialising in international search and recruitment for tech companies across multiple industries. We want to augment your existing resource or be your exclusive recruitment resource.

RaaS is changing how recruitment is being done for the better on the Client side and we pride ourselves in outstanding levels of customer service. Not only do you get the best technology solutions and platform, you also get a highly experienced and solution focused team.